Samsung S-Ray - The Headphones Killer

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The CES 2018 is coming and the manufacturers started to unveil some interesting audio products.

Now Samsung announced a new, innovative product line-up which will be showcased at CES.

This is the Samsung S-Ray (Sound Ray), which is a set of portable directional speakers.

Earphones can be uncomfortable to wear for a long time and they can cause ear pain.

The S-Ray is intended to solve this problem by allowing to listen to your music privately without any physical contact.


The idea behind the S-Ray is that the speakers produce a directional sound what you can hear but the silence is still preserved around you, so it does not disturb anyone.

Currently, three products were announced which will use this technology: the S-Ray Mini and Handy which are two small portable speakers and the S-Ray Neck Bend.

The speakers are said to be small and lightweight so you can easily carry them, clip to your clothes or monitor.

I am looking forward going hands-on and see how this noise isolation works in real life, especially the neckband which can be really more comfortable than a headphone if it works correctly.

More information will be available about the products at CES but in the meantime, Samsung has published a video demonstrating the speakers in different use cases.