LG ThinQ – LG’s first Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker

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There is a high competition in the market of voice assistants.

Both Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple have their own solutions and try to outclass the others.

It’s a good news for the Google’s ecosystem that besides their new Google Home products more and more third-party manufacturers bring Google Assistant-enabled speakers to the market.

Now LG has announced its first Google Assistant powered smart speaker the LG ThinQ.

Unlike the most smart speakers, LG is promising premium sound with support for lossless high-resolution audio and built-in Meridian Audio technology.

According to the company, it means more natural and warm sound for us.

LG teamed up with Google to ensure that the speaker supports all functionalities what the Google Assistant provides.

Besides this, the ThinQ is also intended to be the voice-activated interface of LG’s smart home appliances.

The speaker is expected to be launched at the CES 2018 event in January when we will get more information about the specification and the pricing.