Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker - The real retro feeling

The love child of an old gramophone and a vinyl player

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If you are a retro fanatic and wanted some cool Bluetooth speaker into your living room you did not have too many options so far.

However, now there is this really cool concept created by Jeff Davis which uses vintage vinyl to form loudspeaker.

Jeff is the founder of the Vinylux company which transforms vintage records into a variety of new designs and reusing 150.000 records each year.

Now he decided to create something which can actually play records and cooperated with the UncommonGoods’ product development team to create a Bluetooth speaker.

The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth speaker looks like the love child of an old gramophone and a vinyl player which provides a real retro-futuristic feel.

You can still pre-order it using a custom label or even created from your favorite album.

You can check this interesting project on Kickstarter: Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker