Echo Spot - Amazon introduced the smartest alarm clock ever

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After the success of the Echo, Amazon started to extend its smart speaker portfolio and introduced several Alexa-powered Echo devices before the holiday season.

To take the user experience to the next level the Echo Show and the Echo Spot are extended with a touch screen and a camera.

The Echo Spot is the smaller device of the two, it looks like an intelligent alarm clock.

It is designed to sit on your nightstand and you can control it with your voice like any other Echo devices.

However, unlike the Echo Dot, it got a touch-sensitive screen and a front facing camera which enables a bunch of new features.


You can download several clock faces to it, see and manage your calendar, to-do list and you can even watch the picture of your baby monitor or your front door camera on it.

Via its front-facing camera, you can make video calls with it.

It got a 1.4” speaker compared to the 0.6” of the Echo Dot so in terms of sound quality, you can expect some improvement.

As by the other Alexa-enabled devices, it can stream music from the cloud like from Amazon Music or Spotify.

As an addition, in case of Amazon Music, it can show the song lyrics, playlists or album arts.

It has four built-in microphones to ensure that Alexa can always hear you.

The Echo Spot will be released on December 19 with a $130 price tag.