13 Scariest Bluetooth Speakers for Halloween

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There are only some days left until Halloween, the scariest holiday of the year, when witches, vampires, and zombies hungry for sweets hanging around the streets.

On this day everything is about fear and as we know from the good classic horror movies there is no fear without scary music, growls, and screams.

This article is written for those who already planned their own perfect horror house but do not know yet what will provide the scary music.

In the last days, I dived into the darkness of the Amazon to find the scariest Bluetooth speakers which will freak out everyone.

I hope you will enjoy this selection and find the speaker that best suits your party.

Here is the list of the 13 creepiest Bluetooth speakers for Halloween.

Bluetooth Speakers For Halloween

Let start with the most obvious and essential elements of the Halloween, with the pumpkin lights.

Since this is the most important accessory you need to get, it is a good idea to buy one which is scary because of its look and because of its sound as well.

The following models can not only light in 5 different colors but contain a Bluetooth speaker so you can play music from your phone or even from a memory card.

This model also changes its color according to the rhythm of the music.

Another popular Halloween decoration is the skull and fortunately there are lots of skull-shaped Bluetooth speakers you can choose from.

This is with a lamp from the pirate line-up.

This is similar but looks more like an Inca statue with this golden decoration.

And another skull.

A modern one with a headphone.

This rather looks like a terminator.

And if you are a fan of skulls but want something more portable, you will like this cool looking flask-like speaker.

If you are looking for something less scary but one which still fits to the Halloween decoration, this owl can be a good choice.

And here are some other options if you prefer the classic speaker shape.

Amazon Echo Dot Cases for Halloween

In case you have an Amazon Echo Dot and you do not need to buy a new speaker you can dress it up in Halloween costume with these nice accessories.

I hope you liked this list and it helped you to make your house the spookiest place.

Have a Happy Halloween Holiday!