The Fireside Audiobox adds flames to your favorite music

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Sitting by the fire is so relaxing.

According to studies, our response to fire is evolutionary.

Our blood pressure decreases and the longer we watch the fire, the more relaxed we become.

Listening to our favorite music while staring at the fire is the best way to reveal the daily stress.

The good news is that it is now more simple than ever, you can even do this without having a fireplace.

And what if I am saying the flames are dancing according to your played music?

Sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

The Fireside Audiobox is one of the most interesting and unique Bluetooth speakers on the market.


It has been created by Tyrone Hazen as a DIY experiment and started life as a Kickstarter project.

The Fireside Audiobox is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker with a built-in battery.

What set it apart that it got a nice industrial design and propane-fueled flames which react to your music.

According to the creator, it has 8 hours of battery life and also can provide flames for 8 hours with a single propane canister.

If you think it would be a good addition to your barbecue party, then now you can buy a limited edition matt silver or obsidian black unit for $500.

Click here to check their website.