Beoplay M3 - The Cheapest B&O Multiroom Speaker

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B&O has announced its cheapest multiroom speaker the Beoplay M3.

This is the smaller brother of the formerly introduced Beoplay M5 and the most compact speaker in the B&O Play’s Connected Audio line-up.

The Beoplay M3 follows the same minimalist Scandinavian design language as the other B&O Play products.

The speaker comes in two subtle color options: natural which is actually a light gray and black.

However, according to the manufacturer, we can expect some more seasonal colors to come.

To be able to adapt the Beoplay M3 even more to your interior style, the speaker grille is exchangeable.

You can choose between a premium aluminum and a wool blend fabric cover.


In terms of hardware, the speaker features a 3.75″ 40W woofer and a 40W 0.75″ tweeter under the case, it was designed to fill small to medium rooms with premium sound.

The Beoplay M3 is not a portable device since it does not have a built-in battery.


You can connect the speaker via audio cable or Bluetooth but it also supports AirPlay and Google Chromecast so you can blast music directly from the cloud via WIFI.

In addition, the speaker can connect seamlessly with Beoplay A6, A9, and M5 or other multiroom enabled speakers via the Beolink Multiroom technology.

The M3 retails for $300, which is quite pricey in the compact speaker category but it is still the half of the Beoplay M5’s $600 price tag.