Top 20 Best Computer Speakers under $100 in 2019

The Ultimate Computer Speaker Buying Guide

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Choosing the best computer speaker is a pretty overwhelming task.

There are plenty of brands and different types of models you can choose from.

It can be a classic 2.0 computer speaker, a powered bookshelf speaker or a 2.1 system with a subwoofer.

In addition, if you want something special you can even use a 5.1 surround system for your computer or also a compact Bluetooth speaker could work pretty well.

So buying the best computer speaker isn’t as easy as you’d think, it can take a lot of time finding the proper speaker, however, to make this easier, I have collected together the best computer speakers you can get under 100 dollars.

Although the most premium speakers will not fit into this price range, you can get pretty decent devices under 100 dollars.

This guide contains several types of models but only the best options from each category.

While all of them are great devices I selected some of my personal favorites which provide a so outstanding value that you should definitely check them.

If you are unsure what type of system would fit best to your needs, check my guide about it at the end of this article.

So let’s see what are the best computer speakers under 100 dollars in 2019.



Bottom line

Best 2.0 PC speaker





  • High quality, wood finished enclosure
  • Handy remote control
  • Full, rich sound
  • Good bass


  • The volume knob can be weird at first

Bottom line:

The Edifier R1280T provides an outstanding value for its price with is premium look and quality sound this is definitely the best pick in this category. 

Best 2.1 system





  • Outstanding bass
  • Powerful sound
  • Durable enclosure


  • Its sound is a bit bass heavy

Bottom line:

The Logitech Z623 is a great 2.1 speaker which has a so powerful sound what you can expect only from much bigger systems.

Best wireless speaker



Sound Blaster Roar 2


  • Small footprint, compact size
  • Great, stylish look
  • Well-balanced, clear sound
  • Very portable, versatile speaker


  • A bit heavy if you want to carry it a lot

Bottom line:

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 is a stylish compact Bluetooth speaker, which provides great sound in a small package.





  • Clean look, classy design
  • Powerful, deep bass
  • Excellent build quality


  • It would be nicer to have the controllers and a headphone jack on the front panel

Bottom line:

The Micca PB42X is an excellent device, it is hands-down the best small powered bookshelf speakers for the money.



Eris E3.5


  • Excellent clarity and accurate frequency response
  • Quality materials
  • Compact size


  • The provided cables are not the best and it is recommended to replace them 

Bottom line:

The PreSonus Eris E3.5 provides an outstanding sound clarity packed into a compact quality enclosure.

1. Edifier R1280T


There are several computer speakers available on the market and usually, it is really hard to pick an absolute best from them.

However, in this case, it was a quick and easy choice, since the Edifier R1280T is a clear winner in its category.

It provides an outstanding value for its price, so much so, in fact, it is hard to believe that you can get it under $100.

It can easily compete with much more expensive speakers, currently, in this price range, you would be very hard pressed to find a better choice.

The Edifier R1280T is a powered 2.0 bookshelf speaker with a studio sound quality and a cool retro look.

It is built into a high quality, wood finished enclosure with grey covers and inserts.

It looks elegant and classic, something which can add a lot to the look of your living room.

Under the removable cover, you can find a 4-inch bass driver, a bass reflex port, and a silk dome tweeter ensuring the excellent sound.

Unlike the cheap PC speakers, the R1280T has a full, rich sound with clear, non-fatiguing highs and a deep, tight bass.

It has a fairly wide frequency response with an excellent separation and a well-balanced sound.

What is uncommon in this category that the R1280T has a great bass response as well, so you won’t need a subwoofer to achieve a full range sound.

The speaker got bass, treble and volume knobs, so you can easily adjust the sound to your preference.

The knobs feel very high quality for the price of the speaker, only the volume knob can be weird at first, since it does not have a start and stop position, so you don't know what the current volume level is.

This is because it comes with a handy, little remote controller, what you can also use to adjust the volume level and to mute the sound without having to reach the speakers.

The Edifier R1280T can work right out of the box since it has a built-in amplifier so you do not need an external amp to drive it.

It can be easily connected to any device since it has two RCA inputs on the back panel.

Another big plus that these RCA inputs can work simultaneously and the speakers can play both signals at the same time.

You do not have to switch between the inputs, which is very convenient for example when the speakers are connected to your computer and to your Echo Dot.

It is a nice extra from the manufacturer that also a ‘3.5mm stereo mini plug to RCA’ cable is included in the package.

It is really impressive that even under $100 you can get a such nice package as the Edifier R1280T. With its superb, premium look and quality sound, this is definitely the best pick in this category.

2. Logitech Z623


If you want some extra, heart pounding bass for your computer speakers then you’d better choose a 2.1 system with a dedicated subwoofer.

Fortunately, you can find several options under $100, however, without a doubt, the Logitech Z623 is sitting at the top of this category.

Thanks to its large, powerful subwoofer, it has an outstanding bass production, which can shake your walls even without cracking the bass knob all the way up.

The Z623 has a so powerful sound what you would expect only from much bigger systems.

The package contains two 35W satellite speakers and a 130W subwoofer, so it has an impressive 200W total output power.

This power is packed into a durable enclosure, all speakers are well-built and have quite a bit of weight, which only adds to the quality feel.

The overall design is well thought out, it has a minimal amount of cables and all necessary inputs and controllers were put on the right satellite speaker, so it is very convenient to use.

Here you can find the power button, the volume, and the bass knob as well as the headphone jack and an auxiliary jack.

So all the necessary controls are within hands reach and you can easily connect the speakers to any devices.

With its RCA and 3.5mm inputs, it supports three connected devices simultaneously without having to disconnect them when switching between audio sources.

The subwoofer is built into a pretty large box, with a metal speaker grill protecting the membrane.

It cannot be damaged in normal operation.

So the Logitech Z623 is a meticulously designed, solid device without any cheap, flimsy materials.

Its sound is clear and rich, little bit bass heavy, however, you can easily tweak it to your preferences.

It is not just one of the best computer speakers but it is a great party speaker and loud enough to use in a home theater system.

3. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2


When you are looking for the best computer speakers under 100 dollars, it is definitely worth to check some Bluetooth speakers as well.

You can get rid of all the wirings and get a portable, much more versatile solution.

If you need something small and compact to your office desk, something which is even portable, then you should definitely take a look at the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2.

This is a good-looking, stylish Bluetooth speaker with several powerful functionalities.

The Roar 2 is a pretty compact device with a small footprint, which will take up hardly any space on your desk but don’t let the small size fools you, this little beast still packs a great punch

In terms of audio hardware, it houses two far-field tweeters, a subwoofer, and two unobstructed passive radiators.

All these are driven by two amplifiers one for the mid and low frequencies and another is solely dedicated to delivering the high frequencies.

The result of this design is a well-balanced, clear sound, which can easily fill a mid-sized room with warm, undistorted tones.

The best thing about the Roar 2, that it does not just sound good but it also looks great.

With its nice, stylish retro radio look, it can really add to the aesthetic of your room.

It got a metal speaker grill and was made of premium materials all the way around.

It is a good idea to choose a Bluetooth speaker as a computer speaker since it gives you much more freedom and flexibility than regular desktop speakers.

You can connect your phone to the speaker and quickly blast music without having to get out of the bed.

This connection is especially easy with the Roar 2 since it got an NFC chip, so you have to only touch your NFC enabled devices to the speaker for quick pairing.

It got a 6000mAh Li-ion battery, so you can take it outside and as a great extra, it features a USB out charging port what you can use to charge your phone just like with an external powerbank.

It can be connected via Bluetooth, USB or auxiliary cable to your computer and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the wireless connection, since it uses aptX technology for the high quality, low latency wireless audio.

Thanks to its built-in microphone, you can also use it as a speakerphone to answer phone calls when you're listening to music.

So overall, the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 is a stylish compact Bluetooth speaker, which provides great sound in a small package and using it as a computer speaker, you get great flexibility and several useful features.

4. Micca PB42X


Although the Micca PB42X is not the cheapest option on this list, you should definitely consider it when buying a computer speaker since it provides an outstanding value for its price.

This is a compact 2.0 setup with a clean look and a classy design.

This speaker does not want to be flashy, it is all about the excellent sound quality.

The PB42X is the upgraded version of Micca’s popular MB42X model, which was extended by a high-quality internal amplifier.

So the installation is very easy, you do not need an external amp, just plug in the wires and that’s it.

Each speaker features a 0.75″ Silk Dome tweeter complemented with a 4” carbon fiber woofer.

With this hardware, this compact system can put out an impressive 30W crystal clear sound.

It nicely exemplifies that you do not need a huge system to get a decent sound.

The bass is surprisingly deep and it has a well-balanced overall sound with a frequency response which is flat across all audible frequencies.

Its sound is amazing which can give a huge boost to any music, movie or game.

The bass is decent, you do not feel the need for a subwoofer, of course, if you are a basshead you’d better look for a 2.1 system.

The build quality of the speakers is excellent, they are built into faux wood grain finished enclosures while the drivers are protected by black cloth grilles.

Unfortunately, the controls were placed at the back, here you can find the power switch and a volume knob.

It would be nicer to have the controllers and a headphone jack on the front, however, it is only a minor inconvenience.

In terms of connectivity, it can be connected via a 3.5mm audio cable or through an RCA input.

The Micca PB42X is an excellent device, it is hands-down the best small powered bookshelf speakers for the money. If you want a 2.0 system for your computer, then this is one of the best choices.

5. PreSonus Eris E3.5


If you are an audiophile and want the best sound quality for your money, then the PreSonus Eris E3.5 should be your choice.

It’s not a usual computer speaker, it was designed for audio engineers and musicians to work on audio products.

These speakers won’t give you thumping bass and room-filling, colored sound, however sitting in front of them, you can immerse into the crystal clear sound then never before.

The accurate frequency response and the excellent clarity what you can expect from this compact 2.0 system.

This professionalism is also reflected in its look.

It does not want to be flashy, there are no shiny LEDs and glossy inserts on it, what you get is a simple, modern look and an excellent build quality.

It looks great and takes up a very small footprint on any computer desk.

This compact studio monitor is equipped with a one-inch silk-dome tweeter and a 3.5-inch woofer driven by a 25W amplifier.

It can be pretty loud if you crank it up, however, its real strength is not the loudness but the very accurate soundstage and the natural sound.

Both speakers are equipped with a bass reflex port which ensures a decent but not overwhelming bass production.

There are two knobs located at the back of the primary speaker one for the high and one for the low-level adjustment, so you can tweak the sound according to the acoustical conditions.

In terms of connectivity, it features a 1/4-inch TRS and RCA inputs on the rear panel and has two additional audio jack inputs on the front, so it can be virtually connected to any device.

Everything on the PreSonus Eris E3.5 is about quality.

It is not the loudest or the most stylish speaker what you can get, however, it provides an outstanding sound clarity packed into a compact quality enclosure. While it is a studio speaker, it is highly recommended for any usage.

6. Bose Companion 2 Series III


If you just want a simple computer speaker but do not want to compromise on sound quality, then the Bose Companion 2 Series III is the best choice for you.

Bose is best known for its quality audio equipment from car audio to professional audio systems, so it is not a surprise that also its small computer speaker is class-leading.

You do not find any unnecessary feature on this speaker, the Bose Companion 2 does not want to show off.

It is designed with minimalism with only one goal in mind to create an excellent sound in a very compact size.

As you would expect the build quality is excellent, the speakers feel solid and premium.

They got an elegant, subdued design which blends in with a modern living room but also looks great on an office desk.

It has only one volume knob on the right speaker and two headphone jacks, one on the front and another one at the back.

It can play sound simultaneously from both input, so you don’t have to switch manually between the audio sources.

The sound of the speakers is full and clear, there are no distortions even at the maximum volume level.

Despite their small size, they can get pretty loud and deliver a wide sound space.

They have a great mid-production and the highs are clear without any harshness.

Bose products are known for their powerful bass and these speakers are no exceptions.

The bass is pretty decent and the low end is full, however, if you are after the chest thumping bass than this is not the speaker for you.

Bose Companion 2 Series III is a well built, minimalist speaker which does well what it’s intended to do, to create a clear, balanced sound. If you want the Bose sound quality but do not want to spend a fortune, then it is a really good choice.

7. Trust GXT 628 TYTAN 2.1


If you are after an affordable gaming sound system, then you should definitely check the Trust GXT 628 speaker.

This is a 2.1 setup with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer producing 120W maximum output power.

This power is more than enough to produce all the required lows for your movies and games.

What makes this system apart, that it got a pleasing look with a black, glossy finish and a cool LED stripe around the subwoofer.

To make it even better, this LED light is pulsing according to the rhythm of the music, so it will look awesome next to your gaming computer.

The speakers got a rugged design and the woofer is protected by a durable, metal grill.

At the side of the base unit, you can find two control knobs one for adjusting the volume and another one for the bass level.

To make the usage even more convenient, the speaker comes with a wired, remote controller, which houses a big volume dial and two headphone jacks, so you can easily connect your devices to the speaker.

It’s a big plus that this model comes with pretty long, thick wires, so you get a lot of freedom placing the speakers in the proper locations.

The GXT 628 got a smart power management, which means it automatically switches to standby mode after 60 minutes of inactivity, and when the PC starts producing sound again, it automatically switches on.

Regarding the sound quality, you can expect a lot of deep bass and pretty high maximum volume from this speaker set.

Overall, the Trust GXT 628 is a good, affordable 2.1 system, which can nicely add the required depth to your games and music. The pulsating LED light and the illuminated subwoofer are a nice plus, which looks cool. This speaker is one of the best PC speakers and it is a pretty good choice for every gaming setup.

8. Edifier R980T


You don’t have to choose from the cheap, tiny speakers even if you want an affordable computer speaker.

The Edifier R980T is the smaller brother of the formerly presented R1280T and while it is a more compact and affordable device, it has many of the good features we liked so much by the R1280T.

It is an active computer speaker with 24W total output power, so the installation is easy you do not have to use an external amplifier to drive the speakers.

Each speaker contains a 4-inch bass driver and a tweeter packed into a classy, fiberboard wooden enclosure.

In addition, both units feature a bass reflex port for a better and tighter bass production.

While the R980T is not so powerful as the larger model, it can also get pretty loud which more than enough for a mid-sized room.

The bass notes hit pretty hard and it creates a broad range of sounds with nice reproduction on the entire audio spectrum.

It has a well-balanced sound, you do not feel the need of a separate subwoofer.

Actually, it is even a bit bass heavy but you can easily tailor the sound to your listening preferences with the master volume and bass knobs at the back.

Here you can find the two RCA inputs which work simultaneously so you do not have to switch between the input sources.

You can for example easily hook it to your Echo Dot and your television.

So the installation is easy, only what would be nice if the speakers got a headphone jack in addition to the RCA inputs.

The Edifier R980T is an ideal device for anyone who is on a tight budget and looking for some nice quality speakers for everyday work. It creates a much better sound quality what you would expect in this price range. If you want an affordable computer speaker, it is hard to imagine a better product.

9. Cerwin Vega XD3


The best computer speaker has crisp highs, tight bass, looks great and does not take up much space.

The Cerwin Vega XD3 provides all of these and even more under 100 dollars.

It is the perfect combination of the superior performance and the compact size.

It features a 3/4” soft-dome tweeter and a 3” woofer with 30W total output power, so it packs a lot of bang for its price.

The speakers have been built into quality, real wood enclosures, which are magnetically shielded to prevent any interference.

The build quality is outstanding, they are solid, well-made units with metal protective speaker grilles.

The design of the XD3 is not the most stylish one, it is rather subdued which fits well even to an office environment.

However, there are some small elements which make the design interesting like the glossy finish on the front or the red LED light of the volume knob.

The speakers can be connected through RCA inputs which are located at the back as well as there are a headphone and an auxiliary jack input on the front for the more convenient usage.

They got a dedicated power button, however, the speakers can turn on/off automatically depending on the state of the audio signal, so you never have to turn them off manually.

In terms of sound quality, the XD3 has an outstanding mid-production with very clear highs and decent bass.

You can immediately notice the wooden accent of its sound, the real wood enclosure creates a warm, rich sound, something that you will never get from cheap, plastic computer speakers.

Two bass reflex ports ensure the better bass production at the back and they do a pretty good job.

The speakers have a solid bass response, even at lower volumes, you can hear the entire audio spectrum.

They are loud enough to easily fill up even a larger living room with crisp clean sound.

The Cerwin Vega XD3 is incredible for its price, with its fantastic build quality and great sound, it is an excellent choice in this category.

10. Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0


Without a doubt, the Creative GigaWorks T20 II is one of the best looking computer speakers on the market.

It looks great especially with the speaker grilles removed when the yellow speaker cones are exposed and give a stylish overall look to the speakers.

Besides the woven glass fiber drivers, the speaker features a cloth dome tweeter and a bass reflex port on the top for an enhanced bass production.

All these hardware are packed into a glossy, compact enclosure, which will take up hardly any space on your computer desk.

The design of the speakers is very well thought out since all the controllers and inputs were placed onto the front panel, which makes the usage very convenient.

Here you can find a treble, bass and volume button as well as two audio jack input ports, one for a headphone and another one for a secondary device like an mp3 player.

With this powerful adjustment options, you can quickly tweak the sound of the speakers to your preferences or to the genre you are listening to.

The control knobs are solid with nice quality and the volume knob got a blue-colored LED ring light which really adds to the modern look of the speakers.

The installation is a breeze, all the required cables are included in the package.

You get a power cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and as a plus, it comes with a 3.5mm to RCA adapter, so you can easily connect it to your TV or console.

In terms of sound, this system represents high quality with excellent clarity and outstanding mid-range.

Thanks to its bass port, it can deliver a full range audio with a nice bass.

Of course, you won’t get a room-shaking bass but it has a rich, deep sound which is more than enough for general purposes.

The speakers are pleasantly balanced and have a much better sound quality what typical speakers have in this size category.

If you need a computer speaker with small packaging and nice quality, then the Creative GigaWorks T20 II is an excellent choice for a very reasonable price.

11. Genius SW-G2.1 2000


You can see right off the bat that the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 is designed for gamers.

If you are after a good, affordable gaming computer speaker then the SW-G2.1 2000 is definitely in the top.

It got a flashy, unique design which looks really cool with the blue speaker cones and the LED lights.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best looking speakers you can get under 100 dollars.

It is a 2.1 system with a dedicated subwoofer ensuring that all the explosions and bullet shoots sound awesome in your video games.

The subwoofer has a robust look with the protective bars and the chrome accents, however, what makes it really slick is the scorpion logo in the middle.

It is not just a cool looking logo but it is a blue LED light which lights up according to the bass of your music.

The two satellite speakers follow the same design language with the blue speaker cones and the chrome inserts.

They can be easily mounted on the wall at ear level thanks to their mounting holes on the back, so they do not take up any space on your desk.

It is a big plus that unlike most speakers the inputs and the controllers are not located at the back of the speakers but the system got a separate controller unit.

It is very convenient that you can place and mount this unit just within hand reach.

It features two knobs, a larger one for the volume and a smaller one for the bass level adjustment.

The volume knob got a nice LED ring light, which fits well with the flashy overall design.

On the front, you can find a standby and a source button.

The system can play music from several sources since it has a microphone, a headphone and a line-in 3.5mm input port on the front of the controller and has an additional RCA and aux input on the back.

The sound of the speakers is decent, thanks to the subwoofer the bass is punchy and deep, it is stronger than what you would expect.

Thanks to its good low-end, this setup is highly recommended for gaming and even for movies. With its flashy design, the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 fits very well with any gaming setup.

12. VAVA Voom 21


If you are tight on space or just simply want a more versatile solution than a simple desktop computer speaker then you can choose from many decent Bluetooth speakers, which can do a pretty good job.

The VAVA Voom 21 is one of the best options, you can find out there.

It is a compact, stylish device, which looks great and takes up hardly any space on your desk.

With its modern look and unique shape, it fits well with any computer setup and living room, however, its design is subdued enough also for an office environment.

What is great about this speaker that you can connect up to two devices to it wirelessly and thanks to its built-in 6700mAh battery you can freely move it from room to room in your house.

This battery can give enough power for 10 hours of continuous usage at a moderate volume level.

The build quality is top notch, it feels solid and the whole speaker is covered by a metal speaker grille.

Under the grille, it houses two 5W tweeters and a 10W subwoofer extended by two passive radiators.

While it has a very compact size, this little beast can go pretty loud.

It is enough to easily fill up a mid-sized living room with full, rich audio.

The dedicated subwoofer does a pretty decent job, the speaker can produce unexpectedly deep lows and powerful bass.

It is not a full-blown pro setup but if you will hear, how big sound you can get from this small box, you will never want those large sound systems again.

It is a nice extra that with a dedicated button you can choose from three different predefined sound profiles:  standard, party and surround modes, so you don’t have to hassle with equalizers to adjust its sound.

On the top of that, if the battery level of your phone runs down, you can charge it with the speaker using it as a power bank.

The installation is very easy, you can quickly connect it to your devices with only one touch thanks to its built-in NFC chip.

It also features an audio input jack if the Bluetooth is not available.

If you are hesitant to use it wirelessly, you shouldn’t since it uses aptX technology for the high quality, low latency wireless transmission.

The VAVA Voom 21 is a compact but powerful Bluetooth speaker. It provides an outstanding sound with a small footprint and the freedom of portability. If you want a versatile, smart solution for your computer desk then it is highly recommended.

13. Logitech Z506


It is crazy but under 100 dollars, you can even find decent 5.1 surround sound systems.

It is a good idea to choose such a system if you watch lots of movies or do gaming and have space to properly install the speakers.

In this price category, undoubtedly the Logitech Z506 is the most popular and the best setup.

For an incredible budget price, you get a dedicated subwoofer, a center and four satellite speakers with 150W maximum output power.

This is enough to create a nice surround sound around your computer desk or in a bedroom.

The primary satellite speaker got a power button and a volume knob on the front for the more convenient usage and here you can find the headphone jack as well.

The subwoofer got a bass reflex port and it houses a 27W driver firing down.

It produces a nice, tight bass, not a room-shaking one by any means, however, it adds the necessary depth to the sound and nicely rounds out the whole system.

It is equipped by a dedicated bass control knob, so you can adjust the bass level according to your taste.

The installation is easy, you can get everything plugged in pretty quickly.

The Z506 can be connected either through RCA or 3.5mm audio inputs and it can handle two connections simultaneously, so you do not have to switch manually between the audio sources.

The build quality is fine, the speakers feel solid, of course, you cannot expect premium materials at this price point, however, there is no complain here.

Despite the low price, the sound quality is amazing, the speakers sound crisp and clear and the dedicated subwoofer does a pretty good job.

Hands down, the Logitech Z506 is the best 5.1 speaker set under $100 today. If you want a nice entertainment system for a mid-sized room with a low budget, then this is an excellent choice.

14. Mackie CR3 CR Series 3'


The Mackie CR3 3” is designed to be an affordable studio monitor but needless to say, it works really well also as a computer speaker.

If you are after clarity and premium, accurate sound, then the Mackie CR3 3” will not disappoint you.

This is a compact 2.0 system which was built from quality components.

The speakers contain a nice looking 3/4 inch textile dome tweeter and a 3” polypropylene-coated woofer built into a solid, all-wood cabinet.

The design is minimalist, the nice matte textured vinyl wrap looks good especially with the Mackie signature green rings around the drivers.

The build quality is excellent, the speakers are compact but they are put together well.

They have a quite a bit of weight, so you can feel that they have plenty of substance inside.

A volume knob and two audio jack input ports are located on the front panel, which makes the usage much more convenient.

At the back, you can find a balanced TRS and an unbalanced RCA input, so it can be connected virtually to any device.

A great extra of these speakers, that with a dedicated switch you can set whether your powered speaker is in the left or right position.

This gives you much more freedom during the placement of the speakers.

The output power of the CR3 is 50 watts and while it is not designed to fill a large space with loud undistorted sound, it performs really well in a mid-sized room.

Being a studio monitor, its sound is clear, natural and accurate.

However, don’t expect punchy bass or enhanced, colored sound because these speakers are not designed for this.

They are created for accurate, undistorted sound production whatever you throw at them from classical music to EDM or rock.

What you will get is a nice, balanced sound on the entire audio spectrum with a wide 70 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response.

Big plus that the speakers come with all required wiring and in addition two acoustic pads are included to reduce vibration.

While the Mackie CR3 3” is designed to be a studio speaker, it is great for everyday usage and with is wooden enclosure it simply sounds much better than most of the cheap, plastic computer speakers.

15. Anker SoundCore Pro+


Anker is well-known for their products with excellent value and budget price.

The Anker SoundCore Pro+ is not an exception, it provides several functionalities and an outstanding sound quality for a very reasonable price.

If you are after the best value-price ratio, then you should look no further.

The Anker SoundCore Pro+ is an affordable, compact Bluetooth speaker with an impressive 25W output power.

It houses two 1.75” full range drivers and two 1” tweeters with an enhanced bass technology for the fuller, richer listening experience.

It is a great choice for a computer speaker since thanks to its compact size it takes up hardly any space on your desk and with its portability, it enables a much more versatile usage than the traditional desktop speakers.

It got a huge 8000mAh battery, so you can take it outside or carry it across the rooms in your house.

Especially, because it got an IPX4 water protection, which means it is splash-proof, so it is protected against rain and splashes.

According to the manufacturer, the battery life is enough for up to 18 hours of continuous usage, which is a very impressive number.

Even if it runs down, it is equipped with a PowerIQ fast charging technology, so you can quickly charge it up even without having to turn off the speaker.

The setup is a breeze since it got a built-in NFC chip, so you can pair and connect your NFC-enabled devices to the speaker just by touching them to it.

The design is modern and subdued, it fits well with any computer desk and also nicely blends in with an office environment.

The build quality is solid, it is a well-made and durable device.

Speaking of its sound, it is crisp and can get pretty loud, it packs enough power for a mid-sized room.

If you do not want a monster audio system but something smart and compact on your desk what you can occasionally take with you then the Anker SoundCore Pro+ is an excellent choice with a very reasonable price tag.

16. Creative T30


We have already checked the Creative T20 which was a small, compact speaker with good sound quality and affordable price.

However, if your budget allows and you can spend some more bucks, the Creative T30 provides some cool extra features and superb sound quality.

The design is very similar, it is built into the same glossy, black, plastic enclosure as the T20.

Also, their dimensions are almost identical, the T30 is only slightly bigger.

The most striking difference that the T30 got significantly larger tweeters, which means better and more accurate high-frequency reproduction.

What makes the T30 apart from other computer speakers that it is Bluetooth enabled, so it can be connected wirelessly to your Bluetooth devices.

To make the whole pairing process easier, it even comes with a built-in NFC chip, so you can connect your NFC-enabled devices by simply tapping them to the speaker.

It supports the aptX audio codec, which means that the audio transmission is high quality, it sounds as good as the audio via a wired connection.

Of course, you can still connect the speaker through an audio cable since it got an audio jack input at the back.

Even an RCA to 3.5mm audio converter is included in the box, so you can quickly connect it to any device.

Thanks to the upgraded tweeters and the bass reflex ports of the speakers, they can produce a full and rich sound.

Its sound is strong and well-balanced however with the treble and the bass knobs on the front you can easily tweak it to your taste.

The Creative T30 is a compact, smart device with surprisingly good sound quality. If you like the design of the T20 but you want a slightly improved sound with a wireless connection, then the T30 is easily worth the price difference.

17. DOSS SoundBox XL


The Doss SoundBox XL is a relatively large Bluetooth speaker with a powerful sound output.

If you want something which sounds big but still portable, then you should look no further.

Under the metal speaker grille, it houses two 10W drivers, a big 12W subwoofer and two passive radiators with a total of 32W output power.

This is enough to produce a serious sound which can easily compete with much more expensive Bluetooth speakers.

All these hardware are built into a solid, minimalist enclosure.

The SoundBox XL is not the most stylish speaker you can get but it still looks great on any computer desk and also suitable for an office environment.

What is great about this speaker that it got dedicated music control buttons on the top, what you can use to pause/play the music, jump back to the previously played song or to skip a song.

It got a built-in battery, so you can easily carry it across your rooms or even take it outside.

However, you have to be cautious since the SoundBox XL is not a real outdoor speaker, it did not get any water protection and was mainly built from hard materials which are not resistant to accidental drops and scratches.

In terms of connectivity, it can be connected via Bluetooth with a range up to 33ft as well as it got an audio jack input port at the back, so it can be connected also with a cable.

In addition, it is equipped with an SD card reader, so you can blast your music also from a memory card.

Its sound is clear and powerful with a decent bass production.

It is strong enough to fill a larger room with rich, deep tones.

Overall, the SoundBox XL is a great budget speaker, it produces an excellent sound for a very reasonable price tag. If you do not want to hassle with wires, then you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find a speaker with a similar sound in this price range.

18. Logitech Z200


If you are after the best computer speaker but do not want to spend a bunch of money, just want something simple with a budget price and decent sound then you should take a look at the Logitech Z200.

This is a basic 2.0 setup with a very reasonable price but it still looks and feels much better than the other cheap, plastic speakers in this category.

For this price, you cannot expect premium materials but the build quality of the Z200 is good, the speakers feel solid and they also have a stylish, modern look.

The design is simple and minimalist, it got a matte black enclosure with white accents around the drivers.

The most interesting design element of the speakers is the white stand at the back.

It makes the whole design more interesting and gives a unique, stylish look to the speakers.

It does not just look good but does a good job of keeping the speakers stable and eliminating vibrations.

It is nice that the volume knob and the two audio input ports are located on the front panel of the primary speaker, so they are easily accessible.

As an extra, it also features a bass dial on the side of the right speaker, so you can quickly adjust the sound to your preferences.

In terms of hardware, the speakers got two 2.5" drivers with 10W maximum output power.

The sound quality is fine considering its budget price but don’t expect anything outstanding.

It has an undistorted sound which is more than enough for everyday usage.

If you just watch some youtube videos and listen to some music on your PC then it’s fine, however, if you are after a quality music listening experience than you should choose something from a higher price range.

The Logitech Z200 is a great, basic budget speaker, which does not provide anything outstanding, however, if you just need something cheap for everyday usage then it will not disappoint you.

18. Creative Inspire T6300


The Creative Inspire T6300 is another affordable 5.1 system what you can get under 100 dollars.

It is amazing that for this budget price you get five satellites speakers and a powerful subwoofer providing a true surround sound.

So if you want to make a home theater system or just want to have an advance computer speaker, then the Creative T6300 is an excellent choice.

Each satellite speakers provide 7W output power while the dedicated subwoofer is rated for 22W.

All of them got an enhanced bass port design, called ‘dual slot enclosure’ which means the bass port contains two separate slots creating louder and deeper low-frequency sounds.

The speakers got glossy, black enclosures with silver accents around the drivers.

They were made from plastic but they are solid units which do not feel cheap.

This is especially true for the subwoofer which has a massive, robust look with a large bass tube on the front and a 4.5” driver firing down.

It got a bass knob on its rear panel and in addition, it comes with a handy wired remote control which has a power switch and a volume control dial.

While the T6300 is a great system, it has two shortcomings which are worth to mention.

One is that the speaker cones are not protected, so they can be easily damaged, fortunately, it is not a problem with the subwoofer since it got a down-firing driver, and another problem is the relatively short cable lengths.

So you may have to extend the original cables if you want to install the speakers into a larger space.

Speaking of sound, the speakers can get surprisingly loud and play music distortion-free.

The sound quality is good, the mids are rich and the bass is present.

The T6300 nicely delivers what you can expect from a 5.1 system in this category, it is a great choice if you want surround sound for your movies and games. It is an exceptionally good package for a really budget price.

20. Genius SP-HF1800A


The Genius SP-HF1800A is a large, traditional 2.0 computer speaker.

From its size and the plenty of drivers it houses, you can see right off the bat that it packs some serious punch.

Each speaker got three drivers, a 4” woofer for the low, one 4” driver for the middle and a 1” tweeter for the high frequencies.

What makes it even better that these were built into a solid, wood enclosure, so the Genius SP-HF1800A is not one of the cheap, plastic computer speakers.

With its unique 3-way design, it can deliver 50W nominal output power on an impressive 20-20kHz frequency range.

The appearance of the speakers are robust they are way larger than what you would expect from a computer speaker.

The primary speaker got a volume, a bass and a treble knob on its front panel, so you get plenty of adjustment options to tweak the sound to your preferences.

Here you can also find a headphone jack and an additional audio input port, so it is very convenient to use the speakers, everything is within hands reach.

In terms of connectivity, it features RCA inputs and a 3.5mm audio input, so it can be connected to virtually any device.

Speaking of the sound, the speakers can get pretty loud, which is more than enough for regular usage or to fill a mid-sized room.

Thanks to its 3-way setup the sound is well-balanced, it provides a smooth and even sound across the whole audio spectrum.

Its treble is clear and rich, the bass is not overpowering but it presents and can go deep.

If it’s not a problem that the speakers take up some space on your desk, then the Genius SP-HF1800A is a pretty solid choice. It has a great sound and looks pretty awesome with its three drivers.

How to choose the best speaker for your PC

There are several options you can choose from if you are after a computer speaker.

I will go through the different types of speakers and explain what are their benefits and when you should choose them.

2.0 computer speakers

The 2.0 systems stand from two separate speakers, one is dedicated for the left and another one for the right audio channel, so they can produce a nice stereo sound.

They are recommended if you want a simple setup or if you have a limited amount of space.

Usually, each speaker unit is equipped with one or more drivers.

The most common setup is when the speaker has a tweeter dedicated for the higher sounds and a full range driver for the other frequencies.

While this setup can work well for everyday usage and in an office environment if you listen to a lot of music you may find the bass level of these speakers too weak due to the lack of the dedicated subwoofer.

So if you want a punchy bass with deep lows then you’d better choose a 2.1 system.

Powered bookshelf speakers

The bookshelf speakers are also 2.0 systems but they are usually larger, heavier devices, so they can take up more space on your desk than the traditional computer speakers.

In exchange, they usually provide a fuller, richer sound thanks to their larger enclosures and drivers.

There are two types of bookshelf speakers: passive and active ones.

While the active speakers got built-in amplifiers, so they can be used right out of the box, the passive ones don’t, so they need to be driven by an external amplifier.

For computer speakers, I suggest choosing active speakers, so you can have a simpler setup on your desk.

On this list, all speakers are powered, active speakers.

Studio monitors

The studio monitors are usually also 2.0 systems and they are very similar to the bookshelf speakers.

The difference is that while the traditional speakers were designed for music listening, then the studio monitors were designed for audio engineers and musicians to work on audio products.

By the normal speakers, the manufacturers can color the sound and add more bass or make the music warmer then it was originally mixed.

They do this to enhance the listening experience, however, by the studio speakers, the goal is on the clarity and on the accurate reproduction of what the artist intended.

Of course, the studio monitors can be used for general purposes and they can be great computer speakers but they don’t have so boosted bass as the usual hi-fi speakers.

2.1 speaker systems

The 2.1 systems have the same left and right channel speakers but in addition, they got a dedicated subwoofer for the better bass and low production.

Generally, from these systems, you can expect a fuller sound and a better, punchier bass.

They are a great choice for music listening, gaming, and even movies.

The disadvantage of these speakers that the subwoofers are usually large, heavy units which can take up some space and also the sound of these systems can be a bit bass heavy.

5.1 speaker systems

As their name implies the 5.1 systems stand from 6 speakers, which are usually one dedicated subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers.

They are designed to create a surround sound around you from all angles just as you were in a theater.

Usually, one satellite speaker is in the center, two placed in the front and two rear speakers at the back.

These systems provide the best audio experience for movies and gaming, however, their obvious disadvantage is the large space requirement and the lots of wiring.

Bluetooth speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are usually small, compact devices with wireless connection and built-in battery.

They are great if you are lacking in space or if you want a portable, versatile solution.

They provide much more freedom than the traditional computer speakers, you can carry them across the rooms in your house or even take them outside for a garden party or use them on the beach.

Of course, they don’t have so big sound as the larger audio systems but many of them got multiple drivers and bass radiators, so they can produce a surprisingly good sound.

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