Sony SRS-XB21, SRS-XB31, SRS-XB41 the new Sony Extra Bass Speakers Are Here

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Last year Sony extended its Extra Bass line-up with three new portable speakers and now their updated versions are here: the Sony SRS-XB21, SRS-XB31, and the SRS-XB41.

The biggest improvement that the whole family got a new fresh look and they are now dustproof and completely waterproof.

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So they are ideal for outdoor parties, to use them on the beach or as a shower speaker.

It is a nice trend that this year the majority of the new speakers got a full water protection.

Sony has replaced the hard plastics of the former models and the second generation got new, fabric covers.

The LIVE SOUND mode is a new addition to the speakers which means they were designed to create sound in a wider area and provide a real 3D sound experience like you would be at a live event.

This is achieved by a new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and by the angled speaker form.


These days, all manufacturers try to build an own ecosystem and make their devices enabled to work together.

Sony is no exception and with the Wireless Party Chain feature it is possible to connect up to one hundred new Extra Bass speakers together for an amplified sound.

If you want something extra to level up your party, all the speakers come with built-in lights which sync to the beat of the songs.


The two bigger models have multi-color lights and a built-in flashing strobe.

On the top of that, the SRS-XB41 has a speaker light, so it can produce quite complex light effects.

All speakers have two Mica Reinforced Cellular Driver with 1.65” size by the XB21, 1.89” by the XB31 and 2.28” by the XB41.

The smaller model comes with 12 hours battery life, while the two bigger ones have 24 hours battery life when the light show is disabled.

As by the first generation, all speakers got an NFC chip to make the pairing process and the connection easier.

The unique feature of the XB41 is the Party Booster mode, which means that tapping the speaker from five different directions will cause it to play various sounds, so it can be used as an instrument.

This is something that sounds interesting at first but I do not think that this function will be often used in long-term.

The speakers will be available in spring 2018 with $100, $150 and $250 price tags.