IKEA ENEBY 20 and ENEBY 30 - The first Bluetooth speakers of IKEA

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We have already seen some tech items from IKEA like mobile chargers or smart light systems and now they released their first Bluetooth speakers, the IKEA ENEBY 20 and the ENEBY 30.

In the last years, the market of the Bluetooth speakers grew huge and more and more manufacturers stepped in from fashion brands to retail chains.

Apparently, IKEA did not want to be left out either and they started their own Bluetooth speaker line-up, so we can expect several new speakers from them in the future.


As we’ve become accustomed to with IKEA the speakers got a clean minimalist look.

The ENEBY 20 comes in an 8x8” size, while the larger ENEBY 30 has a 12x12” dimensions, so both speakers are designed to be a bookshelf speaker.

So much so, that they are said to be sized to perfectly fit IKEA’s own KALLAX shelving unit.

The ENEBY 20 is intended to be a more portable speaker, since it is lighter and got a hanger, so you can easily carry it across the rooms.

Unlike the ENEBY 30, it can be even completed with a battery unit which is sold separately for 20 dollars and provides power for 8-10 hours playtime.


As an optional accessory, you can also buy a stand for the speakers for $10.

The front of the speakers is covered by a removable mesh fabric speaker grille and here you can find the only controller of the speakers, a volume knob.

This is a multi-function knob which can be also used to adjust the bass-treble level and has a status LED in the middle.

However, unfortunately, you will not get any additional music control possibility to pause/play the music or to skip a song.


The Bluetooth range of the speakers are said to be around 8-10m and in addition, they also feature an audio jack input port, so can be connected with a cable.

Under the hood, the ENEBY 20 has one 3.2” woofer and one 1” tweeter, while the larger ENEBY 30 has two 4.2” woofer and a tweeter.

Both speakers are available in black and white colors.

The ENEBY 20 can be bought for $49 while you can get the larger ENEBY 30 for $89.