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The Creative Muvo 2c is an ultra-portable, waterproof speaker in the Creative’s lineup.

It has a compact size, dust and water protection which makes it an ideal outdoor speaker.

In contrast the most speakers in its category, it got a large external bass radiator for the powerful bass output.

At the date of this review (05.03.2018) it is available around $55, however, it is really a good choice or there are better options?

Let’s find this out in this in-depth review.

Creative Muvo 2c Review Video

The Design

The speaker comes in a transparent, plastic box with only a micro USB cable included.


The Muvo 2c is one of the smallest speakers with a similar size as the JBL GO.

It has a trapezoidal shape and nicely finished edges which makes comfortable to hold it in your hand or put it into your pocket.

The speaker was made from a soft-touch plastic which looks good and feels solid.

Although it is not so durable than some other speakers which come with a full rubberized body.

The overall design is youthful and stylish especially because it is available in 8 different color options orange, pink, blue, green, purple, teal, black and red.


It looks great that not just the color of the plastic case varies but they made matching colored speaker grilles for each model.

Definitely, the most unique element of the speaker is the passive bass radiator on the back which is not covered, so looks really cool.

It is moving when you listen to a bass-heavy song.


The Muvo 2c feels premium, you can see that the manufacturer paid attention also to the small details.

For example, the control buttons got an interesting hexagon shape, the speaker grille curves to the sides and the bottom has two anti-slip pads.

One exception is definitely the flap on the side which covers the 3.5mm audio jack input, the micro USB charging port, and a microSD slot.

It does not seem as a long-lasting element and it is hard to open and close, you do not know if it seals correctly, which is worrisome because this is a crucial part of the water and the dust protection.


Water protection

The Creative Muvo 2c got an IP66 protection which means it is dust and splash-proof, so you can take it to the beach or use it as a shower speaker, you just have to avoid to submerge it in the water.

This is a nice extra, which is still uncommon in this size category, for example just to mention some competitors the JBL Go, Sony X11 or the Anker SoundCore Mini do not have any protection.


Attachment Option

Unfortunately, unlike some other ultra-portable speakers it did not get any built-in carabiner or cord what you could use to hang it on a hook or attach it to your backpack.

True, it has at least a cut out in its upper-left corner, where you can insert a lanyard.

How to Setup

By the first start or if there is no device paired to the speaker yet, it starts in pairing mode, so it is discoverable you can easily find and connect to it.

If your device is paired you do not have to pair it anymore, it will automatically connect to the last paired device when you turn it on.

If you want to pair an additional Bluetooth device, you can turn the speaker into pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds.

When you pair your second device you have to turn off the Bluetooth on your first device otherwise the speaker will automatically connect to it and quit from pairing mode.


There are five buttons on the top of the speaker the ‘Power’, the ‘Bluetooth’, the two volume control buttons and the ‘Mode’ button which is intended to switch the different connection modes.


Regarding the connectivity options, the Creative Muvo 2c is one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever seen.

Besides Bluetooth, it can be connected via the 3.5mm audio jack input port but a cable is not included in the package.

It is a really uncommon feature that the speaker can be connected also with its micro USB cable and while the speaker is charging the audio is transferred via the USB port.

It is also a really good extra that the Muvo 2c has a built-in micro SD card reader, so you can put your SD card into the speaker and play the songs directly from it.

In this case, it becomes a stand-alone audio player, so you do not have to mess with the Bluetooth connection and range.

For example, it is very convenient to copy your podcasts or audiobooks to an SD card and just turn on the speaker if you want to listen to them.

It can handle SD cards up to 128 GB and support FLAC, WAV, WMA and MP3 formats.

Unfortunately, from the SD card, you cannot play the songs shuffled but it supports folder structures.

This means that you can also use the Muvo 2c as an SD card reader and you can transfer files to your computer.

You can choose between the different connectivity options by pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

The color of the indicator led above the volume buttons shows which connectivity option is active.

In my outdoor test, I measured around 70 feet Bluetooth range, which a very good range, it is definitely above the average.

Music Control

The Muvo 2c does not have dedicated music control buttons, however, it provides a full music control capability.

Pressing the Bluetooth button, you can pause/play the song and by pressing the ‘Mode’ and the volume up/down buttons in the same time you can skip a song or go back to the previously played song.

Admittedly, it is a bit inconvenient that you have to press two buttons simultaneously for the track navigations, however, most speakers in this category usually provide less music control possibilities.

So it is nice that with the Muvo 2c you can also navigate back to the previously played song, which is uncommon in this category.

The speaker has a built-in microphone, so you can use it as a speakerphone and take calls by pressing the Bluetooth button.

It is also possible to reject a call by long pressing the Bluetooth button and you can mute/unmute the microphone with the ‘Mode’ button.

Battery Life

The Muvo 2c got a 650mAh battery and Creative estimates the battery life to be about 6 hours.

In my test when I played various type of songs on the speaker at 70% volume, I measured 5 hours 50 minutes play time while repeating the same test at full volume I got 3 hours.

This battery life is not too strong, it is similar what the JBL Go provides, but there are speakers like the Sony X11 or the Anker SoundCore Mini with much better battery lives.

According to the manufacturer, it takes around 3 hours to fully charge the speaker.

I am glad that it got a battery indicator because this is often omitted.

If you double press the ‘Mode’ button the color of the indicator led shows the actual battery level.

It is green if the level is between 100% and 75%, yellow when it is between 75% and 50%, 50%-25% is purple and under 25% it shows red.

This is definitely not as good as when you know the exact battery percentage but it is better than nothing.

Creative Muvo 2c Sound Test

In contrast the most speakers in its category, the Muvo 2c has a powerful, punchy bass thanks to its big, external, passive radiator, which comes in handy when you listen to bass-heavy music.

The other similarly sized speakers like the JBL Go sound flat compared to the Muvo 2c.

So the speaker would be a good choice if you are looking for something small with an improved sound, however, some flaws keep it from excelling.

Unfortunately, the sound of the Muvo 2c is not clear, there are a lot of distortions, what really deteriorates the listening experience.

Also, the highs are too harsh and they tend to rattle.

So while the bass is outstanding the mids and the highs are not so nice, which is a pity because otherwise, the Muvo 2c has a bigger sound than the most speakers in this size.

Creative Muvo 2c vs JBL Go Sound Test


Overall the Muvo 2c is a well-built, stylish ultra-portable speaker with a long Bluetooth range.

Its battery life is only basic but the fact that it is dust and splash-proof makes it a great outdoor speaker, especially because it got a built-in SD card reader.

It has a punchy bass and the moving, external bass radiator looks awesome.

However, it fails in one very important aspect which is the sound quality.

Its treble is too harsh and its sound distorts too often, so I cannot honestly recommend it.

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Well-built, stylish design

Punchy bass

Dust and splash-proof

Long Bluetooth range

SD card reader


Basic battery life

Badly designed waterproof flap

Harsh treble and lots of distortions


In a similar size, you can find the JBL Go, which does not have any water protection, SD card reader and it has a weaker bass but it is cheaper and has a clearer overall sound.

For the same price, you can buy the JBL Clip 2 which is a nice outdoor speaker with full water protection and a built-in carabiner.

It also has a longer battery life and a clearer overall sound, however, it does not have an SD card reader.


If you are after the punchy bass, then the Sony SRS-XB10 can be a good alternative which also has a strong bass.

Similarly to the Muvo 2c, it is splash-proof and it has a much longer battery life.

It is worth to mention the Anker SoundCore Mini, which has a decent sound with a good bass production.

Albeit it is not water protected, it also has a built-in SD card reader and a longer battery life than the Muvo 2c.

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