Crazybaby Mars - The Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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The Crazybaby Mars creates a stunning audiovisual experience with its levitating Craft unit.

Since Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular, more and more companies step into the market and try to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Some of them provide enhanced sound, unique form or some extra protection but in terms of design, undoubtedly the most interesting ones are the levitating speakers.

What common in these devices that some parts of them are able to float magnetically in the air.

This makes an eye-catching, futuristic effect, so if you want some magic in your living room then you definitely need one.

The Crazybaby Mars is one of these levitating speakers and creates a stunning audiovisual experience with its floating tweeter.


The speaker consists of two parts: a base unit which contains a low-frequency driver for the powerful base production and a Craft unit which is a small standalone speaker with a mid-high frequency driver.

The Craft can work independently from the Base and to improve its portability, it got an IPX7 water protection so it is completely waterproof it can be submerged into 1-meter-deep water for 30 minutes.

If you put the Craft on the top of the Base unit, the Craft starts to float automatically and they work together to create a richer overall sound.

The Craft provides up to 6 hours continuous play time and if its battery level falls below 20% then it returns automatically to the Base unit which charges it wirelessly.

The Base has a 4000 mAh built-in battery with up to 8 hours play time and it also contains two USB ports which allow charging two external devices simultaneously.

The whole CrazyBaby Mars got an aluminum outer housing and comes in three colors: black white and space grey.

If you have two Mars units, you can pair them together to create a 2.1 stereo sound system.