BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Full Review - Aluminum Body with Great Sound

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It is not a surprise if you haven’t heard about the BlitzWolf brand yet since it is a relatively new one, it was established in 2015.

They don’t have a wide range of Bluetooth speakers yet; currently, they offer only two models, but they seemed to be promising, so I decided to do a review about the smaller one the BlitzWolf BW-AS1.

According to the specification, it has two 10W drivers and a 5200mAh battery crammed into a premium, aluminum body.

It seems like a powerful and elegant portable bookshelf speaker but let’s see how it performs in the real tests.

Bluetooth range

Battery life

Water protection



Bottom line




Bluetooth range:

  • 65 feet

Battery life:

  • 70% volume: 9 hours 30 minutes
  • Maximum volume: 2 hours 15 minutes

Water protection:

  • No water protection


  • Premium aluminum body
  • Good bass production
  • Powerful music control


  • No water protection
  • No battery indicator
  • Heavy

Bottom line:

The BlitzWolf BW-AS1 looks good, feels premium and has a decent sound. However, I think it is a bit too pricey, I mainly recommend buying it if you can find it on sale.

The Box, Accessories


The speaker came in a quality, white paper box with an audio and a micro USB cable included.

Its price is similar to other branded devices in this category like the JBL Flip 4 or the Sony SRS-XB21, so the BW-AS1 is not a real budget speaker.

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The Design


Probably, one of the biggest strength and the main selling point of the speaker is its look.

While its design is not particularly interesting, it is rather minimalist, its sleek, aluminum body makes the BW-AS1 stand out from the competition.

It was made from one piece of metal with a perforated speaker grille on the front.

Taking it in hand, it has quite a bit of weight, which also adds to the premium feel.

Only the back panel is an exception, which I think was made from plastic and has a bit of cheap feeling.

Music Control

On the top, you can find four matching colored control buttons: the power button, two volume buttons, and a pause/play button.

The speaker has a quite powerful music control capability, you can pause/play a song, jump to the next track and go back to the previously played song.


Since it has a built-in microphone, it can be used as a speakerphone to answer phone calls.

Water Protection

Unfortunately, the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 did not get any water protection, so you have to bear this in mind when you use it next to water.

However, I think in general it is not a very portable unit and definitely not an outdoor speaker.

While the aluminum body is solid and said to be scratch resistant, it can be damaged much easier than the rubberized or mash fabric body of other popular outdoor speakers like the UE Wonderboom or the JBL Flip 4.

As I said earlier, it is also quite heavy and it is wider than I expected, so it is not comfortable to grab by one hand.

Attachment Option

Furthermore, it does not have any attachment option or loop, so you cannot attach a carabiner or a lanyard to the speaker.

Connectivity, Bluetooth range

On the back panel, you can find a micro USB charging port and an audio input port, so the BW-AS1 can be also connected via a cable.


In terms of Bluetooth range, in my outdoor test, I have measured around 65 feet Bluetooth range, which is not a bad range, it is similar to what other speakers have in this category.

Turning up the speaker, it plays the same welcome sound as the Anker Premium and even apart from that there are several similarities between the two speakers.

I think they are direct competitors in this small bookshelf speaker category.

Battery Life

In my test, when I played various types of songs on the speaker at 70% volume I measured 9 hours 30 minutes play time while repeating the same test at maximum volume I measured 2 hours 15 minutes.

This battery life is okay; it is an average in this category.

Unfortunately, the BW-AS1 does not have any battery level indicator, so you do not know the exact remaining battery percentage.


Sound Test

As far as the sound goes, the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 performs pretty well; it can easily compete with other speakers in its category.

It produces a remarkable amount of low-end and a strong, punchy bass.

Its sound is mostly clear but you can hear some distortions here or there.

Regarding the highs and vocals, I found it a bit muddy and boxy but otherwise I was satisfied with the overall sound of the speaker.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 vs JBL Flip 4 Sound Test Video


I think the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 looks good, feels premium and has a decent sound.

So if you are looking for something to your computer desk then it can be a good choice.

However, if you want a speaker what you will carry a lot and take outside then there are better options on the market.

The BW-AS1 is a bit heavier than the average speaker in this category, it did not get any water or dust protection and it is not resistant to dents and scratches.

Its sound will not disappoint you, however, I think its price is a bit too high.

Especially, considering that other speakers like the Flip 4 or the Sony XB21 provide more functionalities like water protection, NFC or a light effect.

So I mainly recommend buying the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 if you can find it on sale.

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Premium aluminum body

Good bass production

Powerful music control


No water protection

No battery indicator



The JBL Flip 4 can be a good alternative of the speaker since it is in the same price category and has a similar sound.

On top of that, it even got a durable body and a full water protection.

Another strong contender is the Tribit XBoom which has a great sound quality, full water protection, and a lower price tag.

As I already mentioned the Anker Premium is a bookshelf speaker with similar functionalities.

It can be a good choice if you are on a budget since it comes at a lower price.


Dimensions (inch): 2.5*2.5*8.1

Output Power: 10W* 2

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh* 2, 3.7V

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