Ashley Chloe Ensembl - Stylish, Modular Smart Speaker Concept

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An interesting smart speaker concept has been shown off at CES 2018: the Ashley Chloe Ensembl smart system.

It stands out from the crowd with its stylish design, which is not a surprise since the Ashley Chloe is a fashion-oriented startup company.

The speaker has a white, lantern-shaped body with gold accents, which looks great and modern.

However, besides its look what makes it interesting that the Ensembl is not just a smart speaker but a whole ecosystem.

You can attach different modules to the speaker to upgrade it according to your needs or to have a full feature-rich entertainment system.


In its simplest form, the Ensembl is a Bluetooth speaker which charges wirelessly via a Qi charging base.

The modules are small, puck-shaped unites which can be attached to the top of the speaker.

Currently, the Ensembl system has six different parts.

The base unit will contain the speaker, a wireless charger, the battery module and a control module.

The control module makes the speaker smart and enables it to work with different digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri.

The control module also has a built-in leather handle, which can be useful when you carry the speaker around.


Ashley Chloe estimates that the base unit will cost around $200 and the other modules can be bought separately.

Currently, three additional modules are in plan: an intelligent light module, a projector and a 360° camera module.

It’s said that the Ensembl system will support multi-room audio as well.

Ashley Chloe Ensembl Release Date

The Ashley Chloe Ensembl is only a product concept, however, if everything goes well it will be available in 2019.