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Today, I decided to make a comparison review for those ones who are on a budget and looking for something in the cheapest price category.

I will compare the really budget friendly AmazonBasics (BSK30) portable speaker with the least expensive JBL speaker the JBL Go.

Both are one of the cheapest speakers, so it will be interesting to see what they can do for this low price and to see which one performs.

I have tested the different characteristics of the speakers to find this out in this AmazonBasics vs JBL Go ultimate comparison.


At the date of this review (04.04.2018), the AmazonBasics can be bought for around $20 while you can get the JBL Go for around $30, so the JBL Go is the more expensive speaker.

Click here to check the current price of the AmazonBasics portable speaker

Click here to check the current price of the JBL Go

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The Design


In terms of design, the AmazonBasics got a classic brick shape with a plastic body and a metal speaker grille on the front.

The speaker grille got an interesting texture, which looks good and gives a bit of style to the otherwise not too interesting design.

The low price tag is also reflected in the used materials since the speaker was made from hard plastic which feels cheap like the power switch on the back.

Overall, it looks quite sturdy but you can expect the hard plastic to collect scratches quite easily.

Considering its size, the AmazonBasics is a surprisingly lightweight device.

The JBL Go is one of the smallest speakers on the market, the AmazonBasics is around twice bigger.

It got a boxy design with a metal speaker grille on the front.

Its look is quite minimalist but unlike the AmazonBasics it does not feel cheap in hand; it is well-built and the whole body is covered by a matte finished, rubberized plastic.

The JBL Go is a more youthful, stylish device and this is reflected also in the color options.

It is available in eight different colors, while you can buy the AmazonBasics only in three.


Music Control

The AmazonBasics has a very limited music control capability, you can only pause/play a song, whereas with the JBL Go it is also possible to skip a song but you cannot jump back to the previously played song.

Both speakers got a built-in microphone, so can be used as a speakerphone to answer phone calls.


Water Protection

Unfortunately, none of the speakers got any water or dust protection, so you have to be careful when you use them on the beach or at a pool.

Attachment Option

The AmazonBasics did not get any attachment option, so you cannot hang the speaker or fix it to something.

This is the case with the JBL Go, however, at least it has a loop on its left side, what you can use to attach a carabiner or a lanyard to the speaker, however, none of them was included in the box.


How to Setup

I did not have any problem setting up the speakers; the pairing process was quick and easy.

If the speakers have not been paired to any device yet, they start automatically in pairing mode, their indicator LED light is blinking in blue and they are discoverable, you can easily find them with your phone or computer.

Connectivity, Bluetooth range

Both speakers have an audio jack input port so besides Bluetooth they can be connected via cable.

In my outdoor test, I measured 60 feet range by the JBL Go and 33 feet range by the AmazonBasics.

The range of the AmazonBasics is an average in this category, so the Go has an outstanding Bluetooth range.


Battery Life

In my test, when I played various types of songs on the speakers at full volume I measured 5 hours play time by the AmazonBasics and 2 hours 30 minutes by the JBL Go.

Repeating the same test at 70% volume, I got 12 hours 30 minutes play time by the AmazonBasics and 6 hours 50 minutes by the Go.

So the AmazonBasics has around twice longer battery life.

Sound Test

Comparing the sound of the two speakers, the AmazonBasics is louder and has a bigger sound with more bass and deeper lows.

However, the JBL Go has better highs and a more natural overall sound.

The AmazonBasics is too noisy and harsh sometimes.

AmazonBasics vs JBL Go Sound Test Video


Overall, both speakers are pretty decent considering their low price and they provide similar functionalities.

The big advantage of the AmazonBasics over the Go is its much longer battery life, so if this is an important factor for you then I suggest choosing the AmazonBasics.

The JBL Go is a more compact, more portable device.

It has a longer Bluetooth range, a better build quality, and a clearer overall sound.

Click here to check the current price or to buy the AmazonBasics portable speaker

Click here to check the current price or to buy the JBL Go

If you want to know more about the speakers click here for the full reviews:

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As an alternative, it is worth to mention the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker which provides IPX5 water protection for this price, which means it is splash-proof and can be used as a shower speaker.

In this price range, you can find the Anker Classic, which has a similar sound profile, however, it has an impressive 43 hours play time at 70% volume.

If you can spend some more bucks and wants something ultra-portable then the JBL Clip 2 has a slightly better sound, IPX7 water protection, a built-in carabiner and a longer battery life.

Around 40 dollars, you can find the Anker SoundCore 2, which is a more advanced speaker with IPX5 water protection.

It has a much better sound and a long battery life, so if you can afford it, it is definitely worth the 10-20 extra dollars.

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